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Automotive Business Solutions LLC was founded by Kevin Berkhimer and Frank Burrows in 1999. The purpose of this partnership is to bring together our considerable experience in the retail automobile business and our understanding of current and emerging computer-driven technologies. Frank and Kevin have over 68 years of combined experience managing large, successful automobile dealerships.

ABS scores #1

In the first national survey of bar code systems by an automobile manufacturer, ABS BarCode was selected #1 in the number of installed systems and the satisfaction level of the parts managers who use our system. We were ranked far ahead of the #2 provider. This survey included systems provided by dealer management systems as well as independent providers like ABS.

Our 24/7 phone support and fast no hassle service is unique. No other provider backs their system with full hardware and software support that even includes accidental damage. If you are having issues with scanning we want to help you resolve it no matter what the cause. We have replaced lots of our competitors systems because of our commitment to service. Call us today for details of the survey and for more information today.

Kevin Berkhimer

Kevin Berkhimer has held a variety of management positions throughout his 29 years in the automotive business. Kevin's first 10 years were spent working his way through the ranks of a large Chevrolet dealership in the service, body shop and parts departments. Kevin was nationally recognized by Chevrolet for excellence. He then worked his way up to Vice President and General Manager of Lustine Chevrolet. This association helped develop his knowledge of large wholesale parts operations. Later he became Vice President and General Manager of Lustine Toyota Dodge, Director of Operations for the Fox Automotive Group and Vice President of Chevy Chase Chevrolet. Kevin's most recent consulting efforts with Lustine GM Parts Distributors, the worlds largest GM parts department, led to the development of Lustine's business to business Internet initiative. The Lustine and Fox organizations are among the top 100 volume dealerships in the US. Kevin was a featured speaker at the AICPA National Auto Dealers Conference in Phoenix and the Acura National Parts and Service Conference in Las Vegas.

Frank Burrows

Frank Burrows’ entire career has also been in the automobile business. He began as an automobile mechanic for an independent shop and then served as manager for an automobile repair mass merchandiser. After owning and operating a wholesale auto supply business, he joined Chevy Chase Chevrolet in Bethesda, Maryland. During 29 years there, he rose to Parts and Service Director, Vice President and was a minority stockholder. He also managed the dealership’s computer systems. Throughout this period, Chevy Chase Chevrolet was the number one dealer in customer satisfaction and fixed coverage (profitability) in the Eastern Region. This was not a one-time occurrence but continued throughout his entire career at Chevy Chase. During those 29 years, he made national presentations on behalf of General Motors, NADA, the Department of Transportation and several large trade groups. The dealership was featured in various national magazine articles and participated in various GM research projects. Because of the performance of the dealership, he was awarded more than 20 overseas incentive trips by General Motors. Frank is certified as an ASE Master Technician and he is a moderator on the forum as well as a presenter for the 2006 DealersEdge Parts Summit.

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