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Parts Department Barcode Solution

This system allows the parts department to quickly and accurately check in stock orders and compare the results to their inventory system and quickly spot shortages and overage.


The system is easy to use and the bar code scanners are rugged and able to stand up in a parts department environment.


This same system can be used to conduct perpetual and annual inventories with a level of accuracy and speed that cannot be matched by manual methods. Hundreds of dealership parts departments across the US and Canada use our products to reduce expenses and increase profits.  LEARN MORE >

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Vinscan Vehicle Inventory System

This system allows the new and used car managers to quickly and accurately reconcile vehicle inventories. This system also downloads information from the dealer’s computer system or the floor plan provider and compares this data to the actual inventory. We can scan the serial number from the window sticker or scan a waterproof label that is printed by this system.  LEARN MORE >


We have developed a product that allows Remstar users to scan the bar codes on automotive parts directly into Remstar’s FastPic software. This increases the accuracy and speeds up the initial loading and the daily replenishment of parts stored within the Remstar system. This product enables the conversion of AC-DELCO and Motocraft parts. It also allows Mercedes dealers to scan parts without the missing dash issue.

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