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Parts Bar Code

We looked at the Bar Code systems currently available to automobile dealerships. We found that they were not user friendly and were too expensive for the average dealership. Several of our customers had tried these systems and rejected them. We decided to design a new system that addressed the problems we found and at the same time would be affordable for the average size parts department.

Our system is compatible with GM, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Acura, Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda, Subaru, VW, Suzuki, Kia, Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Victory, Harley Davidson, AC-Delco, Motorcraft, Caterpillar, Navistar and Cummins parts. We can even do Honda code as well as Honda Powersports. Our exclusive software even corrects errors in Toyota and Mazda bar codes. If it has a bar code we can scan it.

Our system works with CDK, DealerTrack, AutoMate, Reynolds, Power, EDS, and Quorum dealership management systems. We can also provide solutions for other inventory systems.

ABS BarCode is a customer driven bar code solution designed exclusively for parts departments of retail automobile dealerships by parts professionals. We use state- of- the- art, reliable wireless Symbol laser scanning technology coupled with Microsoft software and HP, Zebra and Dell hardware.

This system provides accurate stock order receipts every day and gives you the peace of mind of knowing your stock order is being accurately checked-in every day. Increase the productivity of the receiving operation by 50 percent and get the parts on the shelf or to the customer sooner.

This same product can do bin checks and cycle inventory counts. We also offer point of sale scanning that integrates with your existing computer system as well as an interface for loading Remstar bins with Fastpic software. We also tell you when you scan a special ordered part. We can automatically print a label for each special ordered part or automatically print a label for each part if your manufacturer doesn't give you a bin location on each part. You can also print labels on demand as well as print bin labels individually or on standard labels sheets.

We utilize Windows XP technology for reduced equipment cost and increased reliability. We also use rugged hardware that can stand up to a dealership environment. We use an exclusive technology that corrects many of the common errors that occur in most manufacturers bar codes. This technology allows us to successfully read part number bar codes that other systems are unable to scan.

For GM and Ford dealers, our software automatically converts the UPC AC-Delco or Motorcraft bar codes to the dealer part number. We also have case and pallet conversion bar codes in our AC-Delco database as well as AC-Delco unit pack quantities. Our software allows dealers to enter other parts with UPC bar codes into the system and build their own database of part number conversion data for their individual needs.

Lots of average size dealerships as well as some of the largest dealerships in the country use ABS BarCode. Our system is available in customized configurations including batch data collectors and Tablet PC applications. Another advantage to ABS BarCode is that the complete system including the computer is leased to the dealership on a month-to-month lease. There are no big up front charges or expensive equipment to purchase and maintain. No contracts to sign. All maintenance, support and upgrades are included in the low monthly price. This system is affordable for even a small parts department.

We also custom develop parts inventory and vehicle inventory applications. Every one of our sales and installation personnel have at least 15 years experience in dealership parts operations. We have over 100 dealerships in 28 states installed on our product.

See what Ford's Dealer World magazine says about Bar Code technology for dealerships.

For information email or call us at 888-425-4509 or 703-467-0685

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